Student-Completed RIS

My name is Lisa and I am a graduate student at Arcadia University. I am earning my Master of Education so that I can eventually teach English. The Young Adult Literature class that I’m taking currently is working on a project that involves creating a Reading Interest Survey for students like you, so that we can help you to select books based on your personal interests. Hopefully, after reading your responses to this survey, I will be able to select a few books for you to chose from that will be interesting and fun to read. Thank you for completing this survey, and I look forward to working with you!


1. Would you describe yourself as a reader? If yes, why? If no, why not?

2. How much time do you spend reading on an average day?

3. What do you enjoy reading?

short stories fantasy fairy tales plays
mysteries adventure mythology poetry
science fiction biography cartoons romance
non-fiction historical fiction magazines Emails/internet
how-to books Other (please specify):

4. What types of books do you dislike reading?

5. Do you have a favorite book? Why is it your favorite?

6. What are some books or other reading materials you have read lately?

7. What do you think makes an author a good writer?

8. What do you think makes a good reader?

9. How do you pick a book to read?

10. When you read, do you hear the voices of the characters?

11. When you read, do you see the characters and the scene in your head?

12. What are some of your favorite movies? What do you like about them?

13. What is your favorite subject in school? What is your least favorite subject?

14. What are your hobbies?

15. What is the biggest challenge in your life?

16. Describe something most people don’t know about you: